Coworking in Barcelona Gracia (Plaza Lesseps)


Working better than at home or the office in our coworking space in Gracia, Barcelona.

CoCo Place is a collaborative work space where you will be able to perform at your best in an optimal environment. With the freedom to work like at home, but with all the services you need in a professional office, and where you can also enjoy moments of rest and recreation.

We are building a new community of entrepreneurs and startups in the neighbourhood of Gràcia in Barcelona for people wanting to collaborate with new colleagues, using ‘el coco’ (read head there) in a reasonable size space designed to concentrate and communicate. Come on in!

COCO PLACE - Coworking in Barcelona Gracia


The Coco Place is located in Gràcia, a district of Barcelona where the city is still very human, always dynamic, with permanent social and cultural concerns and that has become the epicenter of collaborative work in Barcelona.

Inside the neighborhood we are next to a large open space, the gardens of Mestre Balcells. A short distance from the heart of the old village and yet far enough to enjoy a quieter work environment.




• Zone Open
This area has a capacity for 15 desks size 150x75cm. It is the closest to the common areas and it has more natural light. Work groups of 2, 3 or 4 desks.

• Zone In
Up to 8 desks size 150x75cm. Work groups of 4 desks. Ideal for a big team or coworkers who wish for a place with more privacy.

Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Our meeting room is equipped with smart TV and whiteboard.
Air conditioning / heating

Sofa / Chill out

Sofa / Chill out

Reading the newspaper, having a coffee, exchanging views with a colleague … instructions are not necessary to enjoy it.

Bar / Kitchenette

Bar / Kitchenette

A great place to eat, relax, have informal meetings or to simply expect inspiration.

We are very proud of our bar. How many great ideas took shape having a coffee in a bar? Surely many, as inspiration often walks through these scenarios. They say that Messi’s contract was signed on a napkin and it’s true… Sometimes the best deals are made sitting on a bar stool.

Equipped with microwave, fridge, Nespresso and kettle.

Gardens of Mestre Balcells

Gardens of Mestre Balcells

Next to the Coco Place we have a large open space: Air, trees, grass … It’s great to have it that close!

Private Offices

Private Offices

The offices can accommodate up to four people. They can be configured according to the needs of the team. Individual heating / air conditioning. It is your space if you appreciate total privacy.


Services we provide

  • Business address
  • Presence of your activity in our website
  • Fibre optic 300MB symmetrical wired and Wifi
  • Printer: Laser color multifunction DinA3
  • Meeting room with smart TV and white board
  • Kitchenett with refrigerator, microwave, Nespresso and kettle
  • Area sofa - Chill out
  • Air conditioning / Heating
  • Cleaning service
  • Fingerprint access
  • Alarm

Tandem offer

If you are two people.
Take advantage of the offer:
Second desk 50% off

Private Offices from 135€

  • From 135 € / person
  • 24/7
  • Desk 150x75cm / person
  • Adjustable swivel chair / person
  • Drawer / locker / person
  • 10 hours meeting room / person
  • 300 prints per month (A4 b/w)
  • Individual air conditioning / heating

Resident 165€

  • 165€
  • 24/7
  • Desk 150x75cm
  • Adjustable swivel chair
  • Drawer / locker
  • 10 hours meeting room
  • 300 prints per month (A4 b/w)

Full 130€

  • 130€
  • 9 to 19
  • Desk 150x75cm
  • Adjustable swivel chair
  • Drawer / locker
  • 8 hours meeting room
  • 200 A4 b/w prints per month

Half day 75€

  • 75€
  • 9 to 14 or 14 to 19
  • Desk 150x75cm
  • Adjustable swivel chair
  • 4 hours meeting room
  • 100 prints per month (A4 b/w)