Improve your productivity in 2019

A new year has arrived, and with it, 365 days to fulfil all the purposes that you think on January 1st. A year with new opportunities for growth and success. Like every beginning of the year, we challenge ourselves with new purposes – some more realistic than others – but with our batteries charged.

This 2019 can be the year that makes the difference in your professional career and the 75% is in your hands. Today, we will talk about the importance of good habits to work and gain quality of life. Work less, being more productive.

There is no better time to change habits and bet on your maximum performance. Coco place presents some habits to work better.

Say goodbye to your mobile

It’s a fact, our smartphones take up a lot of time -even the time we don’t have- Social networks, family WhatsApp, constant application notifications etc. The mobile can be really addictive and is one of the reasons why we distract more easily and makes us lose all concentration. When you’re working the best option to put your mobile phone in silence and avoid the tendency to look at the screen. You will work faster and you will be able to concentrate for longer.

The mobile is harmful to your productivity and your work.

Learn how to control and manage your time

Usually, when we are working, we have a prior idea of the tasks we have to perform that day. Estimating a time for each one of them organizes our thoughts and helps us to avoid later stress. A key part of a good work routine is learning to control our time, as it gives us greater control of the situation that will be noticed in our mood and productivity.

Essential item, an agenda

Writing, pointing, remembering… Repeatedly we tend to trust in our memory and it fails us. In one day we can have 60,000 thoughts. Many don’t you think? Therefore, it is difficult to remember tasks and retain them in our memory. Agendas are a very useful tool that not only reminds us our most important appointments, also organizes them in time and shows them to you visually, a fact that provides you a better organization. We also find all kinds of agendas, weekly, annual, large, pocket, simple etc. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The agendas are the great allies of the organization. Buy an agenda and be more productive

Create your own routine

To become productive, you have to change habits. One of the most important things you can propose for 2019 is to create your own routine. Having a fixed schedule helps to better organize your work and leisure time. It can also be an influential factor when it comes to getting up early. We must also add that the first hours of the day are the most productive for us. Try to propose a schedule and keep it, you will notice the results.

Avoid doing several things at once

We are often wrong to think that multitasking will make us faster and more productive. It is quite the opposite. Apart from generating unnecessary stress, doing several tasks at the same time means that we don’t do any of them 100%. Possibly, if the tasks are not done consciously, you have to repeat it, this can translate it into a waste of time. Manage your time and perform your tasks individually. You will finish much faster!

Don't do many tasks at once. Change your routine and schedules

The first task of the day has to be the most important one

A good habit to improve productivity at work is to establish a hierarchy or classification of tasks by importance. To choose which are more important and to order them according to their urgency. This also helps you to be aware of the tasks you have to complete today and the ones that can expect.

Take a break

This action – which is the easiest to perform – can also be a double-edged sword. For our brain, it is impossible to perform at its best during the whole working day, and overloading it with information does not help either. 5-minute breaks for a snack, a short walk, talking to a workmate can recharge your batteries. Many times it is better to dedicate 5 minutes to for our welfare and work 55 minutes concentrated minutes. Sometimes a short break can save hours of work and it’s not a joke, when you’re productive the tasks can be done in half the time. However, be aware that it is a ”small” break, control the time very well so that it does not become a distraction of 20 minutes.

In short, all the councils have a common principle, the time management. When we learn how to manage it, the results come instantly. Learning how to organize avoids daily stress and also gives you a higher quality of life. Choosing a workspace like a coworking also has many advantages for coworkers, you can see them in this article.

Coco Place wishes you a Happy 2019 where all your professional goals are fulfilled.

We look forward to seeing you in coworking!

And you, what habits do you think are more important to be more productive?